CMA Research
Contact name: Barbro Eriksson
Address: Rimbogatan 8, 114 32 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 708 236745

CMA Research AB is a consulting company specializing in industrial market research, founded 1995 as a University spin-off.   core competence is in quantitative analysis where we extract comprehensive results from complex information. We systematically use scientific and efficient methods that certify results that are concrete and accurate. We are one of a handful independent research companies in Sweden which enables us to objectively use different methods and tools in our research projects.

CMA is offices in Linköping and Stockholm and employs approximately 30 people, mainly project managers and statisticians with high academic and professional skills and expertise.

Through our own field department we perform approximately 40,000 telephone interviews per year (competence in the most common European languages), around 200,000 web-interviews per year (in even more languages) and also postal surveys and in depth interviews if required. We hold an internet panel of over 10,000 Swedish panelists. We also have agreements with all major data collection companies in Sweden which we use as sub-suppliers in larger projects involving telephone interviews.

CMA mainly works in three business areas:

  • Customer Research
  • Employee Research
  • Market Research

In our largest business area, Customer Research, we help our customer to measure customer satisfaction for both customers and end-users. We have over the years managed hundreds of customer satisfaction surveys and are currently providing such studies for several global companies.

Within Employee Research we analyze employee’s attitudes, perceptions of goals and priorities, and perceptions of customer’s demand. Among our customers are large global Swedish companies which involves up to 30 000 co-workers worldwide and web-questionnaires available in many languages.

Our Market Research assignments are more ad-hoc assignments where we analyze the brand’s strength, the effects of communication and the market potential for products and services.

CMA takes a great honor in presenting high quality results, but also results that are structured and graphically displayed so that the reader easily can adapt and use the results in the best possible way.