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Contact name: Simon Jaworski
Address: 580 Virginia Drive, Suite 141 Fort Washington, PA 19034
Tel: +1-215-643-8744
Email: sjaworski@leger360.com
Website: www.leger360.com

About us

In a global environment that presents an increasingly complex landscape of challenges and opportunities, Leger, The Research Intelligence Group, can deliver the information and insight you need to make inspired decisions that support your growth and success.

Our all-star team of extraordinary research professionals will provide innovative approaches that deliver illuminated information – quickly and affordably.

What Sets Leger, The Research Intelligence Group 

Independent – Innovative – Inspired

The Research Intelligence Group is not merely a collection of researchers, but a true team of highly experienced and carefully chosen professionals who synergistically offer their unparalleled expertise and inspired thinking to each client engagement.

This results in an extended service team of Leger professionals who work together for you with a deeply-held passion to accomplish the extraordinary. What sets Leger apart is our core value of always meeting and often exceeding our clients’ needs through optimizing every element of the research process to help light your path to success– a foundational aspect of our core identity.

Leger draws upon the multifaceted business histories of its client service teams to resolve challenges and optimize or reinvent process as needed to bring forward data that sparkles and results that shine. To address your specific business issues, senior executives with relevant industry experience lead all client service teams and are closely involved in all aspects of every service engagement.

Our Approach

At Leger, The Research Intelligence Group, our passion is to deliver market research illuminated by three core values — that we at all times and in all ways will be independent, innovative and inspired in our approach and our client service. These values that are not merely ideas, but our reason for being. At Leger, we want to be the firm we would invest our trust in if we were you, the client, supporting your success at each step.

  • Independent operations that fully empower us to bring you the best the world has to offer

Unencumbered by dense layers of management or redundant infrastructure, we have aligned the best resources available to support our service offering. Whether through our robust in-house resources or with our select independent partners, Leger offers the most cutting-edge and reliable data collection methodologies, complete Internet solutions, and data delivery/reduction capability available.

  • Innovative approaches from a ‘can-do’ culture.

Rather than shying away from challenging projects, we invite and enjoy them because they bring out our best and most creative thinking. The diverse background of our professional staff allows us to select and blend methodologies in way that best matches the unique demands of each research project.

  • Inspired thinking that leads to illuminated research insight

The industry expertise and business acumen of our professionals creates a foundation for us to take your research results beyond a bland recitation of findings to deep marketing insights that help support your company and your personal success. Inspired partnerships spark the insights that grow a knowledge base, leading to illuminated research and deep learning that carries over from project to project.