Origo Group AB
Contact name: Barbro Eriksson
Address: Sankt Larsgatan 16, 582 24 Linköping, Sweden
Tel: +46 708 23 67 45
Email: barbro.eriksson@origogroup.com
Website: www.origogroup.com
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We are one of Sweden’s leading research companies with approximately 110 employees in Gothenburg, Linköping and Stockholm. Our goal is to become the leading analyst and data collection company in the Nordic region. Our primary market is Scandinavia, but we have experience in, and conduct surveys worldwide. 

We operate in the public and private sectors with both quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. We host our own fieldwork department and system development department that drives the development of innovative technology-based solutions.

We deliver decision making information in all areas, for example brand/market insights, customer/user satisfaction, employee satisfaction, society, product and service development.

We offer specialist competence in the areas of consumer/retail, traffic, school/education,
healthcare and real estate.